• inspired by : LA Flower Mart

    Have you ever been to the Flower Mart in downtown LA?  It's a wonderful place to wander around on a Saturday morning.  That place always gets my creative juices flowing!  There is aisle after aisle of flowers with all kinds of colors and textures.  It's fun to just soak in the visual (and the smells!) of the place.  Definitely worth the $1.50 admission cost. 

    A few weekends ago, I went with my dear friend Meaghan to buy lots of flowers for a bridal shower that we were hosting later that day.  Our third teammate for operation bridal shower made 2 dozen gold glitter vases out of mason jars -- way to go Michaela!  We filled all the jars with fresh flowers from the Flower Mart to use for decor, and then asked each guest to take a jar home as a favor.  It was so fun to have a house full of beautiful flowers, and it set the mood for an afternoon of celebrating!  Here are some of our creations:

    And of course, this morning full of flowers inspired some watercolor projects later that weekend:

     P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!


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